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 Me Me Me 

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Hi, its Me, Glynn Hobson, from
Me Me Me.

I thought about putting this me me me site together the other night while I was watching American Beauty. I love that film. one bit that keeps rattling around in my head is; "Never underestimate The Power Of Denial". In denial, mememe? How would I know? I find it a curious thing that our families and friends are, usually, the last to inform us for fear that the truth may hurt me me me. And it usually does! Or it comes over as sarcasm and we reject it.

I read recently, a quote,  in "the Week" (my weekly newspaper). It was under the heading "wit and wisdom" and went something like;

"If only God had made us that we could see ourselves as others see us".

It reminded Me me me of the times in my youth when I  would get really upset with someone. Usually one of my  brothers or  one of my  friends.
My Dad would say "Take a look in the mirror" and when I  asked "what do you mean" his only reply to Me Me Me was "Think about it". I  would get annoyed, to say the least. I  think that the guy who wrote that quote and my Dad must have gone to the same school.

Oct. 24th 2009

                        I was just stumbling (See button at bottom of this page If you don't know about Stumble Upon yet! Good, or bad, comments are warmly welcome.) when I came upon this article, I think you will enjoy it, CLICK HERE
It puts over nicely how we show priority to memories mixed with deep emotion. (Sorry for the interruption : )

The School of hard knocks, The College of knowledge, The University of life, call it whatever you will.

He tried to "wake me up" to  "smell the coffee". I like Me!

So what has this got to do with the price of fish? Absolutely NOTHING !

My Mother died at the tender young age of 53 years of depression (see www.depressionsymptomsof.co.uk)OR SO the doctors say. I  believe her death was more likely caused by the cocktail of drugs that her GP (and other doctors and so called specialists) had administered for the greatest part of her short life. If my memory serves me well, she was taking around 28 pills a day, in various forms. Mostly antidepressants (Mothers Little Helpers). Every 2-3 years she would be sent into hospital and taken off of her drugs, Cold Turkey and shortly after leaving (usually only a matter of months) the whole cycle would start again.

So what has this got to do with the price of fish? Absolutely NOTHING !


It did get Me motivated into building this web site, this platform for mememe to air my grievances, for Me to have My little whinge an moan. But mostly so that my family can get to know more about mememe as and when they are interested enough to want to know.

Join Me if You  like, You can have Your  say. You  don't have to get on the platform, You  can have Your say in private if You  wish.

Send an email to:                                  me@mememe.biz
(It doesn't have to be Your  real email address if You  wish to remain anonymous)




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If you have anything to say or ask, please visit the blog link above or email me.
I  promise to listen and TRY to understand You .

Thank You for listening to Me Me Me.

Kindest Regards


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